Rules & Safety

MS Super Splash Rules

You can swim as much or as little as you like…but there are some rules;

  1. Teams should have a minimum of 4 swimmers (depending on swimming ability)
  2. Each team must swim relay style during the event
  3. One person from each team must be in the pool swimming laps at all times
  4. It is the teams responsibility to create a team roster and decide how long each member spends in the pool
  5. Each team must allocate a lap counter to cover the 8 hour event period – the lap tally will be recorded every hour by an MS Queensland representative and displayed on a whiteboard
  6. 1 lap = 1 length of a 50m pool or 2 lengths of a 25m pool
  7. Swimmers are permitted to use floatation devices and swimming aids (including fins/flippers, kick boards, noodles and wetsuits) except during the Hours of Power (unless approved by the MS Queensland team).
  8. HAVE FUN! And remember, healthy competition is important but raising dollars for people with MS is the reason we hold these events so enjoy the day.

Hour of Power

The Hour of Power competition will be held over a 1 hour period. The following rules apply:

  1. Teams are encouraged to swim as many laps as they can in this one hour period, with the winner being the team that swims the most laps.
  2. Team captains must nominate a maximum of 8 swimmers to participate in the Hour of Power.
  3. Swimmers may dive into the pool from each end (relay style) noting individual pool rules at shallow ends. (Pool rules permitting)
  4. Swimmers cannot use floatation devices during the Hours of Power (unless otherwise allowed by the Super Splash director – eg, in case of disability, swimming ability, age etc).


Being outdoors for a long period of time requires preparation, so be sure to pack useful stuff like….sun cream, towel, hat, goggles and a change of clothes.

Remember to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water and keep your energy levels up – a variety of food is available at every event but feel free to bring your own snacks too!!

Throughout the day, all pool rules should be adhered to and be alert to any instruction given by the lifeguards on duty.