Your fundraising powers the support services for those living with MS. Check out some simple tips below to help you on your fundraising journey!

Give your page some personalisation!

Personalising your fundraising page is a great way to start your fundraising. Add a profile picture, share a blog about why you’re taking part in the swim to fight MS - you can even update your fundraising target, so everyone knows how close you are getting to hitting your goal. Give it a try!

Make a personal donation

Get your fundraising started by making a personal donation to your fundraising page.

Sponsoring yourself can help create momentum and set a standard for other donations… it also shows your personal commitment to the MS Super Splash and for people living with MS.

Send an Email

Sending an email is definitely a popular way to ask for donations among your family, friends and colleagues. We have already put together email templates for you, all you need to do is copy, paste & send!

Visit your dashboard and select the ‘Get support’ option. As you scroll down the page you can see the email templates. Here you can add contacts, keep track of your sent emails… it’s as easy as that!

Get Social

Say it loud and say it proud! Share your MS Super Splash page on your social media pages and tell everyone you are taking part in a 8-HOUR swimming relay to help fight MS.

Take another visit to your dashboard and the ‘Get support’ tab. There is a direct link to share your fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. You can also share these from your fundraising page (for anyone wanting to help you get the word out)

Don’t be afraid to ask!

Sometimes, asking for donations can be the hardest part. The best way to make the most of your fundraising is to get the word out… whether that is sharing a post on Facebook, sending an email or taking your fundraising to the streets- make sure to tell everyone about your swim to fight MS. You are doing an amazing thing!

Still not sure? Give the MS Queensland team a call! We are here to support you every step of the way. Get in touch at 1300 090 923 or email